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Our Kawakawa Oil

Our Black Flax Kawakawa Oil is our most precious ingredient which is the essence of all our Kawakawa products. Slowly handcrafted with aroha from start to finish! 

What makes Black Flax Kawakawa Oil different?

Tikanga, Kawa, Kaitiakitanga and Aroha! Everything in which we need to harvest, grow, care and create our oil. Everything in which guides us throughout the entire process of not only our oil, but our lives!

Tikanga and Kaitiakitanga ensures we make a physical and spiritual connection to our taiao and our rākau, which then ensures that when we harvest, we are sustainably harvesting, by karakia and care.

Aroha, gives our products the most important ingredient, ensuring those who use our products will receive the same love in return!

Our products are all handcrafted. You can feel relief using our oil knowing that the entire process is all NATURAL!